Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lemon Lime Quilt Top

I'm ready to share my second finished quilt top with you! I wanted to wait until I had the back done, but that whole "never finish what I start" thing is kicking in just a bit right now.

Something else I've learned since starting to read quilt and craft blogs is that it's okay to have many unfinished projects at any given time. It even has a name too, WIP's! I feel a little less guilty now about so much unfinished business around here. (note to self: it's good therapy, must read more blogs).

Remember I'm a big Joel Dewberry fan? This one is made in greens and yellows from his Notting Hill collection. I've started calling it my lemon lime quilt to distinguish it from my first JD quilt.

It's based on this pattern here. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I took it slow and got everything to line up nice I think.

This pattern introduced me to the HST. I had no idea you could do so much with those! Yep, the HST and me are on good terms now, don't even need to spell it out. ;)  I found this tutorial on The Cottage Home blog and have recently tried out pinwheels. Will share soon!

Speaking of patterns, it seems I've been collecting them lately like I stash fabric. I just found one that I completely forgot I purchased! I also plan to pick up this one from Tracy Jay soon. She's offering 20% off her patterns with coupon code SpringMarket to earn a little spending cash for quilt market.

This reminded me of how soon the Spring market is coming... and that maybe she'll run in to Moses there. Yep, he'll be attending our first market ever!! We are SO excited. I won't be attending because someone has to stay back with our little ones, plus I don't fly. Shh, don't tell anyone...


Amy Redd said...

LOVE!!! Just beautiful!

free indeed said...

That is so lovely! Good job! HST take forever to make when the WHOLE quilt uses them!

Chris S said...

Good job, looks great!

Sprightly Fabrics said...

Thanks so much for the warm compliments! :)

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