Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catch of the Day, a closer look

Today I thought I’d show you a closer look at Catch of the Day. We just received it in last night, so please excuse the dark pictures. I just couldn't resist opening them all up right away! I'm a sucker for the red/white/blues or nautical/ocean themes.

Even with the ruler line at the bottom of the graphics it can still be deceiving what the scale is really like.

Here’s the quilt panel. It's about 25" for the two rectangles, and on the other side of the 44" fold is the other two rectangles. It's a little lighter than what it looks here.

Here’s the lobster lovers. A great overall print! Again, much lighter on the background than I captured here.

The anchors...

The ropes...

And lastly the tonal lobsters...

All the prints coordinate so nicely together! Here's some project ideas from Windham:

I think it would be awesome to cut up the panel pieces and make four placemats from those with coordinating napkins! And perhaps a picnic blanket? Will have to add that to my to-make list. :)


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