Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lemon Lime Quilt Top

I'm ready to share my second finished quilt top with you! I wanted to wait until I had the back done, but that whole "never finish what I start" thing is kicking in just a bit right now.

Something else I've learned since starting to read quilt and craft blogs is that it's okay to have many unfinished projects at any given time. It even has a name too, WIP's! I feel a little less guilty now about so much unfinished business around here. (note to self: it's good therapy, must read more blogs).

Remember I'm a big Joel Dewberry fan? This one is made in greens and yellows from his Notting Hill collection. I've started calling it my lemon lime quilt to distinguish it from my first JD quilt.

It's based on this pattern here. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I took it slow and got everything to line up nice I think.

This pattern introduced me to the HST. I had no idea you could do so much with those! Yep, the HST and me are on good terms now, don't even need to spell it out. ;)  I found this tutorial on The Cottage Home blog and have recently tried out pinwheels. Will share soon!

Speaking of patterns, it seems I've been collecting them lately like I stash fabric. I just found one that I completely forgot I purchased! I also plan to pick up this one from Tracy Jay soon. She's offering 20% off her patterns with coupon code SpringMarket to earn a little spending cash for quilt market.

This reminded me of how soon the Spring market is coming... and that maybe she'll run in to Moses there. Yep, he'll be attending our first market ever!! We are SO excited. I won't be attending because someone has to stay back with our little ones, plus I don't fly. Shh, don't tell anyone...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Catch of the Day, a closer look

Today I thought I’d show you a closer look at Catch of the Day. We just received it in last night, so please excuse the dark pictures. I just couldn't resist opening them all up right away! I'm a sucker for the red/white/blues or nautical/ocean themes.

Even with the ruler line at the bottom of the graphics it can still be deceiving what the scale is really like.

Here’s the quilt panel. It's about 25" for the two rectangles, and on the other side of the 44" fold is the other two rectangles. It's a little lighter than what it looks here.

Here’s the lobster lovers. A great overall print! Again, much lighter on the background than I captured here.

The anchors...

The ropes...

And lastly the tonal lobsters...

All the prints coordinate so nicely together! Here's some project ideas from Windham:

I think it would be awesome to cut up the panel pieces and make four placemats from those with coordinating napkins! And perhaps a picnic blanket? Will have to add that to my to-make list. :)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My first completed quilt!

I’m so excited!  I just received my first completed quilt back in the mail yesterday!! I had the top done months ago and finally decided that I just loved it too much to let it sit around my house and fray away. Thanks so, so much to Deana in Canada for finishing it up for me. ;)

The fabrics are from the Modern Meadow collection by Joel Dewberry. I've had these plus some of the blue colorway stashed from before we even started purchasing by the bolt. The pattern is based on one from  Sweet Jane's shop. Seems like a simple design to put together, but it really helps to have and I usually need at least a starting point.

Deana quilted it on either side of the blocks which I love. I'm generally not one that likes quilting lines running all across such beautiful fabrics. There are always exceptions, of course. For the back I chose a solid, non-directional print from the same line. I was hoping to make the piecing job easier. :)

Here's the before:

Yep, she even did the boarders and pieced the back for me. I know, I know, so I didn't have it completely finished when I sent it to her. (Did I say a BIG thank you Deana, so, so much!?) 

I’ve never completed a quilt of this size before. It’s just a throw size, but hey, baby steps, right? Quilting is new to me and what I’m discovering is I think it’s going to be a good fit. I’m one of those “never finish what I start” people and one of the great things about quilting is that I don’t have to! All I need to do is the top and then send it out to be quilted and bound. Why didn't anyone tell me this a long time ago?

And guess what? I already have my second quilt top completed that I’ll be sharing soon. Remember I said I’m huge fan of Joel Dewberry (hint, hint)? I just need to get a back made for it and I will send it out for finishing as well. 

The quilting bug has definitely hit me. :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

A closer look and a sneak peek

As promised from my last post that I'd share some fabric photos! I was cutting this for an order recently from the Cream and Sugar line and snapped a couple quick photos to show you the scale of these little teabags. They’re just about 1 to 2 inches tall and wide, so it’s perfect for small projects. It comes in two different colors. This is the oatmeal color shown.

I also snapped the animals from the Safari line. You can see here what a fat quarter looks like and how many animals would be on it. We’ve been selling out quickly and, unfortunately, the manufacturer is sold out of a couple prints already and will not be restocking. Bummer! We have enough for two fat quarter bundles plus a little yardage though still if you hurry!

Okay, now the sneak peek! Our Free Spirit/Westminster sales rep visited recently bringing with him lots of goodies to show. With just a few weeks left until the spring quilt market I figured I’d give you a small peek of what we're likely to see there and what we'll be stocking from Free Spirit.

Tula Pink is coming out with a new one called Acacia. Our rep had actual fabrics of this line to show. Yay! We've listed these prints in our Coming Soon section of our site. You can sign up within any listing to be notified when it's available for purchase. Due to release in September 2013.

I’m ecstatic that Joel Dewberry is also coming out with another collection! I’m a huge fan.

Bungalow is due to release in September 2013 as well. I'll list these in our shop as soon as I can get some graphics.


Last one to share... Hand Drawn Garden from Anna Maria Horner! A smaller collection at just 14 prints, due to release in July 2013. Also will list in the Coming Soon of our shop once I get graphics.

And now you see how we select our fabrics. Mostly from printed cards and online graphics, just like you do! Always so much nicer in actual fabrics, right?!

Monday, April 15, 2013

From the Dragon's Lair!

Hi everyone! Today I’m coming to you from the Dragon! One of the big reasons why I don’t blog so much is because I need to stay off the computer as much as possible. With running an online business, that’s very difficult to do of course.  I did too much crocheting I think from about the ages of 8 to 28. My hands pretty much scream if I even think about picking up a crochet hook again, lol! So, this past Christmas I asked for the Naturally Speaking Dragon and I’m testing it out for the first time today. It will take a bit of practice, but so far so good I think.

Hopefully this will allow me more freedom to talk and share with you more often. So this is sort of like a starting over with our blog. My commitment for this blog will be to show you the wonderful fabrics that we'll be stocking. I know it’s difficult to purchase fabrics online just from the graphics (trust me, I know, we purchase them the same way). So when we get new fabrics in or happen to be cutting something that I haven’t shown you yet, I’ll take pictures and post them here. There will be of course other fun things thrown in, but for the most part that’s going to be my commitment to you and what you’ll expect to see on this blog.

Thank you so much for supporting our shop and talk soon!