Friday, May 3, 2013


I just got my new hexagon die!! And who did I let take the first crack at it? My son Gabriel. :)  He loves art and being crafty and had just asked about doing a project. He's 9 now, so I thought it would be the perfect time to show him how to use the sewing machine to make his own garland.

The die has a 2", 3" and 5" hexagon. We chose to work with just the two smaller ones. He picked red, blue and gold for the colors. First I showed him how to die cut them then off to the machine we went!

As you can see from the wonky lines, we have some practicing to do. :) I'm so proud of him though for trying. My machine can be a little finicky, it's hard to help it get to a good pace. He told me it was awesome, then told Daddy he was scared! LOL!  His first try was petal to the metal, scared me too!

I'm letting Levi model it since Gabriel is in school at the moment. This is as far as we got before bed time. And now that he has a new book to read, I'm afraid he may have abandoned the project already. I think I'll finish it up for him as I just love the shape, perfect for a boys room, something different from the circles.

Hopefully we'll get around to listing some felt hexi's in our shop soon. Here's a tip if you'll be trying a garland of your own. Sew them off-center. You can see we've sewn toward the top, not across the middle. Doing this will let it hang straight up and down, and not flop over and hang flat. ;)

And did you notice I ran through some fabric in the 5" size? Cuts like a dream. Now I'm off to find a hexi quilt pattern.


Pat O said...

You're my new best friend! I am the lucky "new" Mommy of a slightly used Accuquilt Go Baby, with a hexagon die cutter (and a few others). I haven't opened the die package yet, but can't wait to start playing! Thanks for the inspiration!

Sprightly Fabrics said...

Oh yay! Here's another tip then if you'll be cutting felt with it. Put a scrap piece of paper on top of the felt. This will prevent the felt from sticking to your cut mat and making it fuzzy. ;)

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