Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Little Felt Inspiration

I am sometimes asked through our felt shop, "I love the shapes, but what do you do with them?" Well last week a customer posted a blog about the wonderful felt creation she made that was so beautiful and inspiring I just had to share!

With a simple leaf shape in just the right colors she was able to create an amazing art piece for her room. Visit her page and see what her inspiration was!

Or how about adding some pieces to your handmade items for the perfect finishing touches resulting in one of a kind creations like these adorable hats from jerribeccahats.

That leads me to another question that's being asked more often now that we are stocking wool blend felt in addition to polyester. So what's the difference??? Oh, and also, Which is better?? Another felt customer answers that for us in a greatly detailed and super helpful post.

Funky Friends Factory, Which is Better?

The end result is, well, depends on what you're using it for! So let your imagination run with just these few ideas and whether it's artwork, softies, hats or hair accessories, we've got you covered in the felt shop for all your project needs. :)


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