Sunday, June 24, 2012


One of our big summer plans this year was to go camping. So last weekend we went on what must have been a record setting heat wave in the area. It was 106 degrees... yep, you read it right, one-zero-six.

I'm not a water person what-so-ever, but that Saturday, I couldn't stay out of the lake (up to my knees anyway) just trying to stay cool. And I'm not usually so whimpy, but my body was telling me it had had enough. So just as we were winding down the second night, I asked my husband to take me home. :(  I took our youngest son also because it was one of those days where the weatherman cautions you to stay indoors, especially elderly, children and pets. Good thing we were only an hour away from home!

Despite the heat, we all had tons of fun at the lake, chasing bubbles and making smores. My oldest son asked if next year we can stay 3 nights and 4 days instead of just 2 nights. We offered up Disneyland instead next summer as an option for 3 nights and he said he'd rather go camping! What the?!? Well, that would be the cheaper option for us....

These are our kids below. Levi is 3 years old, Savannah 5 and our oldest, Gabriel, is 8. He really is just a fish out of water. :)

Levi and Savannah



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