Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meet Teddy

Since it usually takes a holiday post office closure for me to take a few minutes for extra projects, I've finally sewn something for my son. Meet Teddy and his new sleeping bag!

This is his teddy that he's been loving since he was about 2 years old (he's 8 now). He's never had a real name, just Teddy. Recently Gabriel asked me to make a mattress, pillow and blanket for his teddy. Well, let's say I convinced him to go with a sleeping bag instead (all in one project!).

We dug around in my fabric stash and found this piece of Mod Tod that I thought was perfect for a little night time sack. I knew exactly how to construct it too. It's an envelope back style pillow cover! I first laid him down and took a rough measurement, as evidenced by all the extra wiggle room he has. ;)  I hemmed one short side, and just pressed the hem on the opposite side of my one long piece of fabric.

I then serged the long sides and turned it right side out. Next I sewed the short side down to the back leaving a small hole to stuff it to make the pillow. Stuffed and sewed closed! This is what the front looks like.

And here's the back...

And looking at the smile on his face in the first picture, I think Teddy is happy with his new sleeping bag. :)  Tomorrow I'll be making one for my daughter's bear who is also named Teddy, just a little lighter version.

A huge "Thank You!!!" to everyone who has been taking advantage of our labor day weekend sale. One day left to shop the greatly reduced prices!


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